How to Choose Boots According to Your Leg Size

bootsA calf a little thick or too thin, a wide foot, legs not big enough … as many morphological criteria to consider when looking for the ideal pair of boots.

How to avoid wearing a model that cuts traffic or turns legs into posts? Here are some tips from the experts, image consultants to choose your boots according to morphology.

If you have wide calves

You fight every day against the closing of your pretty riding boots and look forward to the end of the day to take off your shoes? To all those who have wide calves, I advise you to favor boots made of soft material and expandable, with the flared upper, to marry the calf without compressing it. Also prefer simple boots, no frills, so as not to draw attention to your calves. Finally, choose loose clothes that are comfortable.

If you have thin calves

And yes, not always easy to find models that do not yawn around the leg when it is very slender! I think it is better to choose stretch boots the with adjustable tongue: you will avoid this floating between the calf and the stem. Soft leathers and flared boots are also proscribed, as well as thick heels, which may appear disproportionate. If you have thin legs, biker boots, “tube” or riders will make your legs comfortable. You can also turn to boots with horizontal lines or straps.

If you have knees knocked

No question of depriving yourself of comfort! To hide an unsightly knee, do not hesitate to combine a jeans to flared boots if necessary. And avoid setting your sights on a model too bright or the tongue too high: it may create a bead unflattering. I think low boots or boots are a very good alternative: they emphasize the calf and make you look taller in the process.

What pair of boots for small legs?

No need to remind you that flat boots and waders (which are, unfortunately for you, the stars of the season) are to be avoided when you do not have legs 3 meters long. The models with heels or wedges, preferably at mid-calf height, will help you gain height and lengthen your figure. But your biggest ally is the biker boot on the upper, neither too high nor too low, which redefines the proportions.

What pair of boots for big legs?

The mistake you should not make is to choose a model that is too narrow and tight on your calves, in which you simply cannot be comfortable. It’s better to put on boots with stretchy material, with a zipper that will not let you feel stuck. And if your legs are a source of confusion for you, opt for simple shoes that do not need lots of details.

Boots to focus on: Boots with heels that reach the knee, because a shorter version would cut the leg in half.

Boots to avoid: The heels are too thin and the shoes are light in color.

If you have a wide foot

The pointed boots and rigid leather are to banish, it goes for your comfort … and your survival! So choose round, oval or square ends ( sixties spirit ), soft materials and thick or offset heels.

The tactical boots that we review on this site are a good choice for people with wide feet as well.