What’s The Best Tactical Pen of 2017?

If you’re on the market for the best tactical pen then you’re in the right place. Tactical pens are not comparable to your average pen. There are numerous reasons for this that I will go over below. Keep reading to see what products live up to the tactical name and which don’t…

There are certain situations where you might need something to defend yourself. In this type of situation sometimes weapons are not allowed. A tactical pen can serve as an emergency combat weapon and potentially save your life.

Tactical Pen Features

One of the main buying points of tactical style pens is that the have clips that are way tougher than their standard pen cousins. Your typical pen has a clip that can be easily snapped by accident. This is not the case with the tactical ones, the clips are made of metal that is break resistant.

There are a few other benefits that some of these products have. One is that they sometimes include fire starters, glass breakers, and a tip that has the ability to catch DNA.

I’ve compiled all my knowledge below with my tactical pen reviews of the top 3 products on the market.

Best Tactical Pen Reviews – Top 3

1. Schrade SCPENBK

If you want a tough pen then the Schrade SCPENBK lives up to this. It is made of aircraft aluminum that can survive a lot of abuse. Durability and toughness is not all that this pen offers. It also has a smooth black matte coating, sleek design and a screw cap.

The one downside is that the cartridge that is supplied is not the greatest quality. This isn’t a huge issue though, as you can just replace it with a better one very easily.

2. Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2G M

Coming in at 5.7 inches long the Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2G M is a tactical pen that is a great choice if you’re looking for something that can be used very well for self defense. It looks the tactical part with a sleek design that has a high tech feel to it.

It has a grip with grooves in it to help stop hands from slipping and I think that it’s a good option for self defense, as well as writing of course.

3. Schrade SCPEN4BK

The Schrade SCPEN4BK is a tough pen that is built with anodized aluminum. It’s the upgraded version of the Schrade SCPENBK if you are familiar with the brand.

This particular pen is designed more for survival and self defense than writing. This is evidenced by all the features that it has, like a glass breaker, whistle and firestarter. This is not to say that you can’t write with it, you can of course still write it’s just a heavy duty pen that is not meant for comfortably writing.

Why Buy a Tactical Pen?

So I bet that by now if you aren’t sold on the idea of a tactical pen over an ordinary one you will be soon. These pens have a number of selling points but the main one would be that they are very discreet. There are situations where you don’t want to advertise that you have a weapon on you. This is where a tactical pen comes in handy, it gives you the confidence and peace of mind that you can defend yourself if needed.

To be continued…