2017’s Best Rechargeable Flashlights: Reviews and Top Picks

If you’re struggling to find the best rechargeable flashlight then this is an article you’ll want to read all the way through. There is a lot of confusion about what makes a good flashlight that can be recharged. I’m here to help you in your mission to find a good one.

If you gave people a choice between a flashlight that runs on batteries and one that can be recharged most people would opt to choose the rechargeable one. The reason for this is that the rechargeable ones have a much longer lasting battery when compared to the other models.

Best Rechargeable Flashlights of 2017

1. SolarRay Pro ZX-1 Professional Series Flashlight Kit

The SolarRay Pro ZX-1 is a fairly bright flashlight that has 1200 lumens and five different modes that it can shine in, including a special strobe function.

It features a simple outlet plugin and has an extra lithium battery. It can even be used with AAA batteries. There is also a bezel security edge and a zoom feature for the beam.

2. Refun Rechargeable 18650

The Refun rechargeable packs a punch at 2000 lumens which will be enough for a lot of people.
With the high power comes five different modes for the light including an SOS mode for emergency situations.

It is waterproof, so highly recommended for people that need something that’s good for camping or hunting. Although it is stated that the light is waterproof, some people claim that this should be changed to water resistant instead. So basically a little bit of water should be fine but don’t expect to take this light swimming anytime soon.

It is a fairly affordable light with solid performance. This flashlight would make a solid addition to your arsenal in my honest opinion.

3. Stream Light 78014

The Stream Light 78014 is a heavier flashlight that is quite durable and highly rated. It is a xenon light that operates on a 6-volt battery and has a 30-hour life.

It was made for extreme conditions and is a good option for camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

Rechargeable Flashlight Buying Guide

Now I will go over some of the common terms and definitions that you will come across when reading about all the top rated rechargeable flashlights, as well as why you should choose rechargeable.


There are two main terms that I will go over here. First there are the permanent sealed in battery type. Then there is the removable battery type. Although there are two different types here, most of them will operate with LED lighting due to the low energy usage of it.

  • There are a few different charging methods that you need to be aware of that I will list below.
  • USB
  • Outlet Charging
  • Solar
  • Removable batteries

The benefit of removable batteries is that you can have a couple different sets, so you can always have one that is charged. The negative aspect is that there are more parts and the battery storage area isn’t sealed.


I always aim to deliver reviews of the best rechargeable flashlights that are quality, yet affordable. Any of the 3 rechargeable options that I have gone over in this article are all good options that are fairly easy to carry around.

Non-Removable Batteries

The benefits of this type of light are that it is usually smaller than the other ones, as well as having less moving parts that can break.


That wraps up this article about the rechargeable flashlights. If you want to check out some more types of lights then go back to the main article, or click here to read about some bright LED lights.