What are the Benefits of a Flashlight?

Flashlights have many benefits that extend well beyond just being used for light in power outages. They are good for camping and outdoors, self-defense and much more. I will go over some of the most common benefits that you can find with flashlights and how they can help you in a variety of situations.


Self Defence

One of the benefits of a flashlight that is not often talked about is its ability to be used as a self-defense tool by allowing you to blind your potential aggressor. It can also be used to easily find your way at night when you are hiking or camping. Moreover, it is also known that a torch can perform repairs or repairs in poorly lit places.

Being compact and thin, a flashlight is easily transportable and can be transported wherever you want. They can also serve as moral comfort during a late outing. There are many advantages to using a flashlight. It is a very good tool to have on you at all times. Why have a flashlight while your smartphone has an application which does the same thing? Simply because a smartphone is not specifically designed for this purpose. ItsĀ usage will be minimal and it won’t be effective for your needs.

Imagine that you are cornered by a mugger, you cant just take out your phone and try to blind him with it. That would be laughable and you would end up hurt. Instead, if you had a top rated tactical flashlight (tacticalgearguides.com/best-tactical-flashlight) you could just use that to stop him in his tracks. These lights can potentially save lives for women and anyone that needs some protection when walking at night or in rough areas.


Of course, one of the main places that you can use a good flashlight is in the great outdoors. What camping trip would be complete without a torch. There are a few types of lights that you can use when camping, one of them is the keychain lights, the other types are mainly the hanging style lanterns and the bigger lights.

These flashlights can be really handy when making those trips to the toilet at 3 AM and not wanting to trip on tree roots and other stuff. You can also rest easy late at night when you hear a noise far off in the distance. Is it a bear? Is it a cougar? Just fire up your tactical flashlight and you’ll be able to see whatever it is far off in the distance.

Around the House

The uses of a good tactical flashlight are not limited to the great outdoors. There are plenty of ways that it can benefit you around the house. For example, maybe you want to go into the attic to find some old photos or something that are stored up there. One thing you can do is use your bright LED flashlight to light up the entire area, helping you find what you need in seconds.

That’s it for this article. I hope that it opened your eyes on some of the uses of flashlights that you might not have been aware of.