2017’s Best Tactical Gear Reviews: Top Picks & Guides

Hey there, and welcome to Tactical Gear Guides where I review the best tactical gear on the market today! My name is Brad and I’m an outdoor junkie! I’m glad that you found my site because I’m pumped to share some of my knowledge with you guys.

I’ve tried out a lot of tactical related products over the years, both good and bad. That was the purpose of creating this site. To help my readers pick out good products and avoid the bad ones at the same time.

How To Navigate The Site

The site is broken up into a few different categories. Check them out and just click on one of the links to further go through that category and learn more.

Tactical Flashlights

If you’re someone who’s serious about the outdoors then an ordinary flashlight simply wont cut it. You need a tactical flashlight that is durable and can get through the toughest conditions. Read about the best tactical flashlights here.

Tactical Knives

Whether you’re out in the bush or need something to use around the house that’s high quality and built to last, then buying one of the best tactical knives is necessary.

There are a few components to a good tactical knife but I’ve found over the years that the handle is the part that gets damaged the most.

Military Watches

These watches are truly next level. You can forever forget about the typical Wal Mart Style watches forever after trying one of these bad boys. Read about what the best military watch is so you can get a good one.

Tactical Boots

If you’re in need of some boots but want them to be tough, durable and strong then you’ll want to get a pair of the best tactical boots on the market. These boots are great anybody that goes outdoors a lot or works as a firefighter, paramedic, in the military, or in law enforcement.

Tactical Pens

These unique style of pens are made for survival and self defense, as well as writing. If you are looking for one then read my best tactical pens article.


I hope that you were able to find some good tactical gear. You never know when you will need it in today’s crazy world. If you want to read more then check out our blog.